When God Says Wait

I feel as if my life has been in a holding pattern for some time. Ready to take off but God is not yet ready to let me make the move. Sometimes He says Yes, sometimes a clear No, and other times He says not yet. Most of my life has been let’s wait a bit on this. I always have my bags packed ready to take off into my destiny.  I have great ideas on the things I would like to accomplish. But one thing I have learned serving the lord, He cannot be rushed. I wonder sometimes if my impatience causes him to delay. The God that made me. The God that counts each breath I take and knows each time my eyes blink. The God who sees the wind rush through my hair or counts my tears as they fall. He orders my steps, and yet, I often question where are we going in this God?  What is your plan for me? Lately, I have felt so let down by people. Even the people closest to me. And, once again the Lord has shown me that my trust should be in Him. For He alone, has my best interest at heart.  It is never easy to wait. We see time passing and our vision of where we want to be seems so far in the future.  We just want to grab it. But in my restlessness, I remember God sees way ahead of me. If He knew me before I was even formed and knew my name…He can mold me into His great plan in His time. I may need to wait on Him, but He will never let me down. And any plan for my life will be successful as long as He is in charge. So, when God tells you to wait…Don’t think of it as Him putting you off. He is allowing you to learn all He needs you to know before the journey starts. Often waiting is the exact place we need to be.  Until He Comes!

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