All Things Made New

One of my hobbies is thrifting. Rummaging through a dusty store to see what has been donated gives me a rush. What’s the saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” So, you will find me often in a thrift store or antique mall searching for my next big find. I keep a list of things to look out for. I can spot an item and think about ways to improve or change it to fit my needs. There are times in my search when I have found valuable items that either the previous owner didn’t care about or did not understand the value of. I can look beyond the dust or musky smell to envision a valuable treasure.  Going down the aisles you see the displays of trinkets lined up for your approval like they are little puppies in a shelter. Items not wanted sit rejected and discarded. But they are displayed in hopes that someone will take an interest and purchase them.  I have had many owners of these places tell me they need to move inventory for the new things. And I will get a deal on something making it even cheaper than they priced it originally, just to get rid of it.  I was in a store once and the old piano at the back had a cheap tag on it.  No longer a valuable instrument. It had been discarded like everything else there. If I had had room, I would have saved it. People were milling around, no smiles no interactions with each other.  All at once music filled the air, and the atmosphere changed almost immediately. There were smiles! And people started singing along.  I made my way to the back, where an elderly gentleman had taken a seat at the piano and was playing. His hands moved across the beautiful keys effortlessly. A group gathered around him, and the old piano showed its true value. Nothing works as it should until the master shows up.  There was a new appreciation for that old piano that day. I will never forget it.  The next time I was there, it had been purchased. It found a home.  We are like that. We are aimless and have no value until we are touched by the master’s hand. You see, He sees our true value, what gifts we have, and the ways He can use us. You may think you aren’t worth much and have nothing to bring to the table. But Jesus knows everything about you! He sees something in each of us that can be used for His glory. The next time you feel you have no value, remember that one day the king of kings and lord of lords laid down His life for YOU. He loved you that much. Until He Comes!

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