The Book

Gaye LaFoe has found the strength to endure life’s ups and downs after a series of life-changing events that taught her to trust God by faith.

In an inspirational retelling of her life, LaFoe chronicles her unique personal experiences and takes you on her journey through heartwrenching struggles for answers. Only to realize that God was the answer all the time. LaFoe’s story is one of loss, rejection, and ultimate redemption. It is the tests of her faith that let her see firsthand that God was still faithful, still the healer, and he had never left her side even when she lost her way. She begins by detailing a childhood where she was influenced by elders who guided her beliefs in God while she struggled to endure dysfunctional relationships and turbulent events and then discloses how much later after years of searching, she found her way back to God. Throughout her story, LaFoe shares the important spiritual lesson that we not only serve God by faith, but also by believing that He STILL does impossible, magnificent, and indescribable miracles today!