New Chances

Have you ever noticed how the rain makes the air smell clean and new? Or have you watched the sun peak through the darkness early in the morning? Signs of renewal. Chances to start again. In life, we get chances of all kinds. We may get a new job, or start a new hobby, and yes, even kindle new relationships, or sever ties. It isn’t so much about being given new adventures or chances; it is how we deal with them. What do we do with these opportunities? Learning from everything we go through can either make or break us. It can either demonstrate our grit or it can make us shrivel up and cower to fear. I have often wondered how I would get through a challenging time. I am talking about the kind of thing that rocks your world, goes against your grain, and makes you doubt everything and everyone around you. The pain that causes you to wonder where God is in this whole thing. How can a perfect God have such an imperfect and flawed plan for you? It goes without question, that we run to Him for reasoning. And often, there really isn’t a clear answer. Sometimes we understand later, and often we won’t know until eternity.  He doesn’t always return our calls immediately.  Often, He is quiet when we are yelling for help. The idea is to keep going, continue to try, gather yourself, and look ahead. Every new day is a chance for change, to improve, and to make a difference. Whether you are in the valley or on top of the mountain, it will always reverse in time, of that, I am certain. It is lows and highs; life is unstable on the best of days. But we must be strong and courageous. We learn from each trial to get back up and start again. May you take the time to see the newness each day and follow His leading no matter if He leads through dark times. On the other side awaits a new day to try again. To smell the air, feel the wind, and escape from the darkness. Until He Comes!

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