Daniel’s Great Faith

I was studying in Daniel. Specifically, reading the first few chapters of the book. A few things caught my eye about Daniel. When the king had commanded that certain, or preferred children of those captured, be selected to groom so that they could later teach their knowledge to the Chaldeans, Daniel was selected. The king was specific in what he required, and that to participate, they would also receive benefits like the king’s food. However, Daniel, refused. So, my first indication about Daniel was that he was bold. He advised those in control that they should allow him to eat what he was used to eating, (God’s food), and the others could eat the king’s meat. In other words, Daniel, wanted only to partake of God’s abundance over what the king supplied. If you read the story found in Daniel chapters 1-2 you can see what took place. The second thing that stood out to me was that when the king was burdened about wanting his dreams interpreted, he scoured his group of magicians and astrologers for help, but no one could help him. Daniel and the other Babylonians, considered wise, were decreed by the king to be slain. No one could help the king with his dreams, so the king was going to destroy all of them. But Daniel realizing he and his comrades were going to be killed, went before the king and asked for a reprieve to meet with his people. He took that time to gather and pray to God with them for the Kings dream to be interpreted, and thus sparing their lives. What got me was Daniel’s first inclination was to go directly to the king himself and ask for a little time. Any other person would have been panicking knowing what they were facing. But Daniel had faith. I just need a little time King, persuading the king, and he went off to pray with his comrades that God would give him a vision of the dream to share with the king. In those times, you had no reprieves, no time outs. When a decree came down that said you were to die, it happened immediately. But God was with Daniel. Daniel just needed prayer time with his people to hear from the lord. The Bible goes on to say that Daniel was elevated to a high place in the kingdom because he could interpret the king’s dreams. We know that Daniel went on to have great power and saw visions because he took a stand for God. What I get from this is the key things we need to encourage us, to trust God fully, and to live by faith….Boldness, Faith, the gift of persuading or encouraging others to believe, and prayer time. Above all else, the Bible says when we have done all of these we are to stand. Just stand and see God’s glory.  Just like Daniel did.

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