How Do You Face Your Giants?

What does that mean to you, facing your giants? It meant facing a very intimidating man with unnatural strength and size to David. A man beast of sorts that was up to no good. A Philistine giant sent out to destroy a boy. David was a young man with no real motive that day except making it out of Goliath’s hands in one piece and taking him down. But David was not alone. The Bible tells us that he was so confident in the power of God, that his faith in God would save anyone who fought in his name. So boldly he came before the giant. Giants in those days were between 6’9 and up to 11 feet, maybe even taller. We are not sure how tall Goliath was that David confronted, but he was much taller than the young man he towered over. But David made the decision to fight him alone. Armed with just a sling, he took a rock from the riverbank nearby and flung it to the most tender part of Goliaths’ head. I imagine those philistines’ watching as the larger-than-life man fell to his death, could not believe what they saw taking place before them. And the Bible says they fled in fear.  Fled in fear from a boy with a slingshot. A boy with a secret weapon. Not a stone, but the power of almighty God. Who had the strength that day, the giant or David? There are times in our lives when we face something so much larger than we can handle. We are fearful and helpless. How do you fight your giants? Do you run and hide? or do you stand tall in the midst of the circumstances knowing God is on your side.  When the bad news comes, or the financial problem, illness or family issues, it can take a toll on us. But we must remember who we serve.  Our God through Jesus Christ is bigger than any problem, or any illness that we will ever experience. When we speak faith in Jesus name over our situation, it may not go away immediately, things may not change instantly, but He will give us the strength and the power to carry on until our miracle comes. Just like David believed in the power of God to face his giant, we also can come against anything the devil sends our way when we call on the Lord to deliver us.

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