Understanding God’s Timing

I think I have questioned how God thinks at least a few hundred times in my life. You have probably done the same. God, why now? why when things are going well, did this happen? I have wondered about His timing when I got sick right before my book launch. Or, on occasion when I was expecting a different outcome. It can cause stress to try and figure it out.  And, there is no real way to do that anyway.  If we are believers, we are not to worry about the setbacks or timelapses or the blank pages. Oh, I do not think God is upset when we question Him, but if we know and trust that we are in His care, we have to believe that things work out for our good, regardless of the timing. The Bible says in Matthew 10, that God knows the exact time when a little sparrow falls from the tree. And, even greater, He has counted the very hairs on our heads. The instruction in that chapter is for us to not worry about circumstances or problems. We are to rest in Him. When I look back at my life, I can see the times that God guided my steps without my knowledge. How He diverted me from a bad situation or redirected me when I made a bad choice. Times when I thought He was not working, He was working behind the scenes on my behalf every time.  Living for the Lord is like being on a stage (life), and having God direct every scene of your life. He never promised that it would always be happy times, or that we would always get our way when we pray. But we can be assured that in the end, he guides our path to safety. We may never be able to understand the mind or timing of God.  But knowing my life is in His hands makes it so much easier to trust Him for whatever comes my way.  Until He Comes!

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