Attitude affects Gratitude

Every situation has a beginning and an ending. Sometimes things that start out horrible end well. It may take time, sacrifice or healing, but it will happen. And, no matter what occurs, there is always something to be grateful for. When your body is racked with continuous pain, or your heart is breaking, it seems that we stay in that tunnel a bit longer. The darkness of less hope, less anticipation and less joy. But every day lends itself to new beginnings and new ways to evaluate where you are emotionally and more importantly, spiritually. Each day is a gift. Ask the person with stage four cancer. They will tell you each new day is precious. So, when we think about our current situation, we cannot forget the good along with the bad. If you are struggling and have a support group of people that love you, be grateful. If you are able to smile even in the most difficult of circumstances, be thankful. In other words, gratitude is contagious. If you are down in the dumps and begin to jot down the things you have to be grateful for, you will quickly see they outweigh the bad. Your attitude means a great deal in your healing, or in helping you handle the bad times. It is contagious because people are always watching our lives and how we deal with difficult things. If you try to remain positive and determined even at the worst of times, the situation may not change immediately, but your approach will drastically help you in handling it. And you can be a blessing to someone else as they see you maneuver your way through. God said he would never forsake us, never put more on us than we can bear, and he would be with us through the trial. So, when you feel you can’t take another step, and you are tired of the fight, remember all the good things. All the miracles and all the joy you have experienced in your life and hold on a little longer. Gratitude affects your attitude! Until He Comes!

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