Just Stand and See

Have you ever taken a long walk? just got out and cleared your head. And before you knew it you were in a strange place and out of sorts. Nothing looked familiar, nothing was the same. But there you are, all alone and you do not know what direction to take that will bring you back to safe surroundings, or some sight you are comfortable with. It started out to be a good idea, just a walk. And, then it got darker, and time slipped away while you wandered. The things or events that made you want to escape for a minute now regrettably, have left you in a quandary. What do I do now? Panic ensues and you are left with fear. Life does that to us on occasion. Times when we are just taking a walk, living our lives, and then we find ourselves lost with no direction. No help anywhere and no way out. The Bible is full of statements regarding standing still in your circumstances to encourage believers. But in Psalms 46:10 God Himself speaks “Be still and know that I am God.” He reminds us that we are to stand still. After we have done what we can, and in some circumstances, there is not much else left to do, God says, stand still. Know that I am God. The God that sees you, hears your cry, knows your helplessness. I am He, I am that God, your savior. No matter what the situation, the bad news, the lost opportunity or the long walk to nowhere your life may be taking, God is there. Sometimes in our darkest hour, when we are lost in the highest weeds, God shows up with the answer or the way of escape. So, the next time you feel lost and alone, remember who you serve. The God of all reminds us, that no matter what happens, we are to stand still and see him work. Until He Comes!

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