Praise, Even Though

As believers in Jesus Christ, we are to be in constant praise to Him. The Bible is very clear that if we fail to praise Him the rocks will cry out. Now, if you are like me there are times in your life when praise is not the first thing you think about. When the house is in chaos, money is tight, and you are at or near the end of your rope, it becomes more difficult to begin to praise the Lord. Silently, you are probably thinking, I have nothing to praise for right now. And so, you begin to see things through the world’s slant, and the hopelessness that it brings, and soon start to feel sorry for yourself. I have been there, and I know how easily we can fall into that trap the devil sets. If we are not careful in that mindset, we can lose our joy. You see, our praise and joy are not contingent on new things we ask God for, or for prayers, we have been waiting a long time for an answer to. It is not based on our money or family dynamic or work schedule. It is not about our lack of sleep or the fact that we need a vacation. It is not about losing the promotion or facing an illness. Praise is required of us no matter what. That means no matter what comes or goes.  We praise God even though life is up or down, sad or happy. We are to praise. And there is a big difference between daily joy when something stimulates us or makes us feel good, and that of the joy of the Lord. If we are saved, and have a relationship with Jesus Christ, nothing that happens disturbs our joy in Him. We get rattled by the speedbumps of life, but that joy is constant and ever present in our life. No matter what the doctors say, we have joy in the Lord. When someone dies, and we are left behind, we have the constant awareness that God is faithful and we will see them again if they were believers, and we still keep our joy. Even though we are sad at the loss. Life is not easy, and we were not promised that it would be if we served the Lord. But He said He would be with us through everything we face. And He would provide and help us in times of need. When I get down in my spirit, I turn on praise music and begin to lift my voice (and my hands if I am not driving), in praise. We were created to praise God. One day we will join the angels in continuous praise forever to our King and Savior. So even though you are feeling at your worst, and you need a miracle right now, begin to praise the Lord. It doesn’t always change your situation, but it will change you and your ability to hang on to your faith. No matter the situation, learn to Praise, even though…..  Until He Comes!

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