You are sailing along in life and then without warning you hit a ditch. It is a bad report from the doctor. Unexpected, unprepared, the first thing you do is panic. Or, in some cases you panic. That was my case this week. I went in all jolly, and ready to move on to my next adventure…when I received that news. We still do not know for sure. It will take time for testing, reviews, appointment scheduling and things that will tick off minutes and hours before I know for sure. But to me, at first, I thought of the worst-case scenario…the what ifs? After this sweet young girl, (I say young, because she looked like she was my daughters age), the specialist, gave me instructions, I looked at her and smiled. Instead of asking my what if questions that had quickly welled up inside me for an instance, I told her I believed in the Lord, and I was not scared, just concerned. That brought a big smile to her face.  At a time earlier in my life I would have folded into a ball from fear. There is really no one that can help you with something like this. Not your family, friends or pastor. Oh, they can pray, and it is wonderful to have a support group behind you. But peace cannot come from them. No matter how many times they say it’s ok, it will be fine, it isn’t enough, and it is not fine. It cannot give your relief.  I think about the times Jesus healed individuals in the Bible, and there were many instances. Once when he spat in mud and rubbed it across a blind man’s eyes, and he was healed instantly. Jesus did not have to do that; He has the power to just speak the words. Or, when the woman with the issue of blood forced her way through the crowd knowing that just touching his garment she would be healed. No one told her that. She was exercising her faith just like the blind man that had called out to Him. Being in His presence, and barely touching his garment made her whole.  Jesus acknowledged her faith and rewarded her with healing. I don’t what came over me, but when I left the doctor’s office, I was audibly saying, “My trust and hope is in Christ alone” over and over again. Apparently, I did not care who heard me. I have experienced His healing power; I know firsthand what God can do. So, while I wait for results, I will continue to trust Him. There is no one on earth that can heal us. No one on earth that can give the comfort and peace that comes from Him. If you are experiencing illness, and need a touch from the savior, cry out to Him in faith believing. My faith, is in Christ alone.   Until He Comes!

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