Life Is Like A Rollercoaster

I love amusement parks. The smells of the food, the sounds, the music and the laughter of children enjoying themselves. When I was young, I loved riding all the rides. I liked the Tilt a Whirl best because it spun me round and round, and the faster the better. And, I liked rollercoasters. I never thought for a moment about my safety back then. Never once did I consider that it was a piece of machinery, mechanical and possibly dangerous. I would twist and turn and laugh having the best time. Up and down and around the curves with my hair blowing in the wind, not a care in the world. Now that I am much older, well actually old, I see things differently. My body does not lend itself to many amusement park rides. They are to jerky for my neck, and I now realize how dangerous some of these rides really are. Do we stop and think about the last time the ride was inspected before we hop on? Are we concerned that the small bars that hold our bodies in place as we plummet down a large hill will not malfunction? Hundreds of thousands of people visit amusement parks every year. They pay good money to be thrashed about on rides. Life is like a rollercoaster in many ways. It is up and down all the time. One minute we are at a high peak and the next we are sailing fast down into a valley. If we are not careful, we may lose faith, the thin line that holds us together with God. Just like on an amusement ride, where we have faith that we will not be injured on the ride, we must have faith in God that He will see us through and be with us for life’s turbulent times.  Until He Comes!

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