Hurry The Water Is Coming

We have all been in a great storm where the rain poured for days and became dangerous as it saturated the land. No amount of preparation can prepare you for the volume of water in cases like this. Some leave with their belongings to higher ground hoping they will not return to flooded basements and homes. All too often, tragedy occurs, lives and structures are lost, and even communities are destroyed. Boats come to rescue those stranded and people are evacuated to dry ground. But there are those who prefer to stay behind and protect their possessions and homes. Although they have been warned that the water is coming or rising, they remain behind expecting the worst but hoping for the best outcome. Noah repeatedly told the people that the rain was coming, and they laughed at him. But Noah followed God’s direction to build the Ark. When the time was right, God told him to close the doors. Everyone in Noah’s family had hurried to gather the animals and board the Ark. When the doors were finally closed and sealed by God, the rain began and quickly destroyed everything in its path. It is sad to think that people today, will not take heed when danger is near. Taking chances with their lives. Even when they are told repeatedly that the Lord is coming and if they are not ready to meet Him, they will perish. When they are warned to hurry in before the doors close, they still remain outside the safety of the cross. Living however they wish, and not thinking about life after death. Happily, and content in sin, not caring about the consequences ahead. No matter how the storm rages, and we know the water is coming…. hold on to the Father’s hand because it is only with Him that you will survive the storm. He is our only hope!  In Him alone do we find rescue and safety. Until He Comes

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